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星期二4月28日14:01:32 Cest 2020

Dear Min,

The GUI uses OpenGL for drawing the 3D images of molecules. The message
means your graphics card and/or the graphics drivers are not capable of
handling OpenGL 3.3. This message can also show if you are trying to run
the GUI remotely via SSH with X forwarding.
You can do one of the following:
- try to update your graphics drivers. CentOS (especially version 6)
tends to have old drivers. This will only help if your graphics hardware
is new enough
- install a more recent graphics card into the system
- run the GUI with software rendering. To do this, run "export
SCM_OPENGL_SOFTWARE=1" in the terminal before you start the GUI with the
"adfjobs &" command. This can result in a slower and less responsive GUI.

Best regards,
Hans van Schoot

On 28-04-2020 12:45, Min Gao wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am a newer for AMS.
> I tried to use adfinput on cenOS system and got the message "Your
> system does not support OpenGL 3.3. Update/upgrade your system or set
> the SCM_OPENGL_SOFTWARE variable to enable software rendering."
> I could not get the meaning " Your system does not support OpenGL 3.3 "
> Does that mean the updating for openGL is necessary or my cpu does not
> support  OpenGL 3.3?
> Is there anyone know how to solve this problem?
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Best regards
> Min
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