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2010年10月8日09:28:27 Cest 2018

Dear Arslan,

I do not know the reason but I would recommend reporting the issue to support at scm.com <mailto:support at scm.com>. Make sure you include the run script and the output. Then we can figure out what is causing the problem.

Best regards, Pier

> Op 7 okt. 2018, om 05:26 heeft Arslan Ullah <ullaharslan at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:
> Hello everyone
> hope you are keeping good, 
> I am facing problem while studying some solo molecules with B Field in BAND, I could clearly see fine coordinates in the input  as I also check it out by building a super cell and also running in 0D,  but each time calculation exit with error "kfexit"  and nothing else.
> what could be the reason of problem as calculation is not running anyways, although ,calculation seems physical.
> please help me in this regard.
> -- 
> Kind Regards
> Arslan Ullah
> M Phill Researcher
> Material Simulation ,DFT
> University of Gujrat
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