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Dear Tim,

The property-only jobs apply only to a handful of properties, that 
require post-ADF programs to be executed, for example NMR or some of the 
ESR properties. All other properties, including the Bader analysis, 
usually require a full single-point ADF calculation. Restarting from a 
converged t21 is a way to speed the thing up but you definitely should 
not limit the number of SCF cycles to 1 if you want a correct property 

Kind regards,

On 24/01/2016 03:44, Tim Wilson wrote:
> The properties only job type doesn’t appear to work for all 
> properties. Specifically, Bader analysis properties only jobs don’t 
> appear to do anything. I’ve resorted to setting a very high SCF 
> convergence and limiting the number of SCF cycles to 1, then 
> re-running a single point with Bader properties selected with the 
> converged tape21 as a restart file. Is this the current way to 
> accomplish this?
> Thanks,
> Tim
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