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Dear José,

It should be u1k, not ulk. Hope it solves your problem(^_^)


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Subject: [adf-list]使用nmr的g因子计算中的问题 

Dear all,

I try to make a g-factor calculation. After having carried out a scf run
(including geometry optimization) using B3LYP functional, and generated
TAPE21 and TAPE10 files, I run the nmr program with this input file:

  ulk best
  calc all
  out iso tens
end input

Then the NMR program after completing a SCF run stops with this message:

   ERROR DETECTED: Invalid keyword in input

What is wrong? The nmr input file is exactly the same as in one of the

Best regards,

José C. Conesa
Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica, CSIC
Marie Curie 2, Madrid, Spain
Tel. (+34)915854766
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